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What is the Phoenix Functional Life Training Experience?

The definition of functional training is (basically) exercising in a way that is a conditioning to our daily activities. Some would say that functional training IS life so what could possibly be the difference between the two? While functional training is intended to help our physical body move well, functional life training is designed to bring an awareness to all aspects of life - physical, emotional and mental - providing a connected sense of support and guidance through the little traumas while developing a deeper understanding of how the big traumas affect the ability to be and feel functional.

So, then what exactly is the Phoenix Functional Life Training Experience?

The Functional Life Training Experience is an informational overview of the respiratory system, trunk physiology, functional daily movement and trauma. In the Experience, together we will get a basic knowledge of:

- how breathing works (because there is more happening than just the lungs doing their thing)

- muscles from the shoulders to the knees, what trunk stability is and simple ways to gain strength from your foundation

- how trauma can affect the body from the inside out

- how to move within our functional range of motion

- how nutrition plays a role in the functionality of life

The intention behind the Experience is for us to walk away with an understanding of how important it is to know our body and how to work with it exactly as we are in order to move towards thriving in life! Being able to find a sense of connection to Self gives us the chance to develop a potential bond towards those individuals we encounter throughout your days.

Are you ready to rise?

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