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T.I.M. - Trauma Informed Movement

The definition of trauma is a messy psychological or behavioral condition stemming from intense mental/emotional stress or physical injury. When it comes to physical injury it almost seems obvious that it IS traumatic to break a limb. It IS traumatic to become severely injured in a vehicle accident. It IS traumatic to be in an airplane that experiences extreme turbulence. The trauma on the outside is VERY real. However, let’s remember the definition as a whole – trauma is what happens (almost immediately) AFTER a form of stress or physical injury has occurred to the body. Stress comes in many forms. Again, the physical

stress we can SEE is obvious… what about the stress we cannot see?

What happens on the inside of the body IS the trauma and it can have long lasting effects that shows itself in many ways.

Our ability to move our bodies has been deeply embedded within our genome for centuries; realistically we can go further back in history but this isn’t a paper on anthropology so we will stick with centuries. We are made to move. We are made (for the most part) with the potential to develop mobility of the joints, flexibility of the muscles and strength for the entire body.

There are so many ways people choose to move.

You have the runners and the walkers (not a TWD reference by any means). You have the cross fitters and the yogis. You have the MMA fighters and the dancers. The hikers and the bikers… and everything in between; the ways of moving the body are limitless.

Trauma informed movement is not only an understanding of what trauma is and what movement does on their own – it is an awareness of how the two can intersect throughout one’s life. It is about knowing to be mindful with words and how to speak when you are engaged in an activity of physical movement or mental release. T.I.M. is about establishing a sense of confidence and control within the body; allowing the body and mind to connect from a place of care and self-compassion.

This is at the foundation of Phoenix Functional Training.

The goal is to educate, support and guide you through whatever life has left over and create a new normal.

Are you ready to rise?

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