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Reader's Digest Edition of the Phoenix Functional Life Training Experience

The story behind my passion started when I lost my mother at a very young age. I was raised by an individual that had never really dealt with her own feelings of neglect, abuse and disconnection while being thrown into a role full of responsibilities that were beyond her own comprehension. Growing up I found myself experiencing abandonment, neglect and abuse. The circumstances surrounding my complex childhood traumas outlined a path of self-destruction - behaving in ways that quite often put my life at risk.

My son being a source of strength I could still find power from (and quite honestly a soulful divine intervention), I decided to leave an unhealthy and toxic relationship. Venturing into a world I had barely been able to survive within previously and not being sure what thriving in life was, somehow *DEEP DOWN* I knew I was slowly moving in that direction.

Dance was something I yearned to experience as a child. My grandmother was not supportive of this ‘grandiose idea’ and left me in a space of turning my private room into my stage; the only place I felt a sense of safety and security as a child. As I grew older, I would find ANY place to dance/move at any cost; I would find a way to move my body in an attempt to find self-expression and control of the feeble life I had been living. Looking back, it is interesting that even back then, deep down *I KNEW* what was going to set me free.

Fast forward to my life - post-divorce - I stumbled upon body movement again, this time through yoga.

As the motivation to move started to build up and a gradual transformation began, I found myself reacting differently to situations that I would have quite honestly flipped my shit at in the past.

I felt more.

Emotions were surfacing, almost unannounced at times.

I could feel the deep connection I was slowly refining.

The mind body connection was expanding and creating a sense of self-compassion and peace.

For the past 7 years I've thrown myself headfirst into learning and understanding body movement, psychology and human behavior. I’ve read and researched how we are hardwired for connection (high five to Brene Brown) - so connecting to ourselves through our movement and reshaping a space that is FOR us BY us only makes sense (shout out to FUBU and the 90s for that line).

There is a trend I've noticed over my years of people watching, teaching, coaching, and guiding... a foundation that I've noticed isn’t fully cemented among our society as a standard way of functioning. Oftentimes what we have been raised to believe is okay is creating dysfunction within our body, mind and spirit.

My hope is that you can see how the Phoenix Functional Life Training Experience is a resource that can improve the connection to yourself and to those around you; expanding on your personal growth will be the greatest gift you can ever give yourself.

Want to sign up? Click on the link below and prepare to rise.

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