Trauma has the ability to sit, stir, and sneak up on us in unpredictable ways.

From carrying emotional baggage packed over the years to coping with a sudden, unexpected injury, trauma takes many forms - both physical and mental.  

In an attempt to defend ourselves against the stress and strain associated with trauma, a common defense is to disconnect. Although initially this approach may distance us from pain, it often causes rift from our core being, which is critical to recovery.

​Phoenix Functional Training seeks to re-establish the mental, physical and spiritual connection you need to release from tension, build strength, and rise above your stress.

Through Phoenix Functional Training, our goal is to build a connection through words and dynamic movement to arm you, body and soul, against potential triggers that may derail your progress and train you to be present in each moment. Our mission is to help you shift the internal state of your being to become the best possible version of yourself. ​

Together we will rise.

David Emerson & Elizabeth Hopper

“The common denominator of all of these traumatic experiences is that they involve some sort of threat to our physical, emotional and/or psychological safety.”


Meet NaiZa

Founder and owner, Naiza Araceli, became intimately familiar with trauma and stress early on in life. As a lifelong proponent and student of body movement, she found herself coming alive after divorce and then an unknown, pre-existing spinal injury threatened to rob her of independence and mobility.

Forced to find a new perspective on body movement, Naiza found solace and strength in slowly training from the ground up. She became reacquainted with the philosophy of movement and with practice from a newfound perspective - entered a space of physical recovery that fueled a resurgence of her mental and spiritual well being.

Naiza learned that going backwards had helped her move forward with the discovery of trauma-informed yoga, Pilates and functional movement training. This intricate combination of physical movement alongside mental health therapy was the solid foundation from which she was able to release, heal and recover. 

Inspired by her journey and energized by her understanding, Naiza founded Phoenix Functional Training with the simple mission to better those who have never experienced healthy guidance and support.

Naiza serves all walks and ages of those who need an open heart, listening ear and touch of humor to face whatever road to recovery lies before them.

By taking small steps towards great goals, you will gain the time and space to navigate through the vulnerability found within all of that 'stuck s***' deep within your bodies - transforming you from the inside out.

Are you ready to rise?



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